Women in People’s War: Past, Present and Future.

“With the participation of the Ovarian Psyco-Cycles we will be starting a Boyle Heights proletarian Women’s Guerrilla Defense Unit open to all genders but with a principal focus on proletarian oppressed nationality women.
The unit will be one part internal self-defense training for women, one part external (public) self-defense training for women, one part political development – all united principally under the philosophy that only through revolutionary vengeance/violence is it possible for proletarian women and their allies to be transformed and emancipated from patriarchal capitalism-imperialism.
Patriarchy cannot be simply unlearned. We must literally arm ourselves and go to war with U.S. capitalism.“

Houston Revolutionary Association

Following the call to action of the Anuradha Ghandy Campaign in support of proletarian feminism, we are publishing a short speech written by a supporter of the RAH and given at the International Working Women’s Day event hosted by the Stonewall Militant Front in Austin this year. Proletarian feminism was birthed in the class struggle, in People’s War, and in our modern movement we must honor our martyrs and theorists like Comrade Anuradha Ghandy and carry that struggle onwards. Ten years after her death, the memory and spirit of Comrade Anuradha Ghandy lives on, in the People’s War in India, and in the international communist struggle. It is this spirit which drives us forward now to build a militant women’s movement which can crush the class enemy here in the belly of the imperialist beast.

Long live the struggle of proletarian women for their liberation!

Honor to Comrade Anuradha Ghandy!

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