Our First Years of Work and a Call for Moving Forward!

The Founding of a Truly Anti Colonial Organization: Our First Months

Anti-Colonial Action – Ottawa (ACA) was founded and began its work in the summer of 2016. This was the first attempt by revolutionary Indigenous people in Ottawa to self-organize a radical alternative to the liberalism that held down the Indigenous movement in the city. We grew from our disappointment with Indigenous leaders in the activist community. We grew from a realization of their betrayal to us and to Indigenous liberation.

The first aspects of work that we took on was officially creating Anti-Colonial Action. This entailed the creation of regular public meetings, discussion groups, and our founding document “What Is Anti-Colonial Action Ottawa?” For us, we needed to create our group and start building a working relationship with our comrades in the group. We took on promotions along with our public meetings to try and reach out to other Indigenous people in Ottawa. We set out to rallies and events in Ottawa to leaflet, to speak to people, and to show that we now existed. We also engaged in the creation of political posters and images online that reinforced a militant indigenous position. Though we received positive comments and feedback on the production of our agitational art, our recruitment efforts in Ottawa had limited success due to our group’s disorganization.

Anti Colonial Action Ottawa

332This document is being written by Anti-Colonial Action as an attempt to shed light on our work in Ottawa, to have a critical look both at what we have created and where we did not achieve our goals. We recognize that we have not published anything concerning what we have been doing, what has been going on, and even whether or not we are still active. We understand that this leads to a lot of questions, and makes it unclear what Anti Colonial Action has done and has not done. The purpose of this document is to shed light on us, our work, our shortcomings, and why things have gone the way they did. We are also calling for the reconstruction of our group so that we can build on our foundational work and move forward with Anti-Colonial Action in Ottawa.

Though not completely successful in our work, we are…

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